Posted by: fp14193 | June 19, 2017

Mathball Begins!

To conclude our probability unit, we will be playing the eagerly anticipated Mathball  tournament.  Students will be in search of the Holy Grail, the coveted Junior Mathball Champ trophy….and the more highly coveted Toilet Bowl.  Play ball!

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Posted by: fp14193 | May 30, 2017

Water fest 2017

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Posted by: fp14193 | May 25, 2017

Tomatosphere Begins!

Today we planted our tomato seeds for Tomatosphere 2017. One of the two groups was exposed to conditions found in space while the other is a control group. There were 20 seeds in group H, 35 seeds in group G.  We will begin watering tomorrow to see when they germinate.


Posted by: fp14193 | May 18, 2017

Medieval day

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Posted by: fp14193 | May 2, 2017

Measuring Area

In math today, we used a square centimetre transparency to determine the area covered by classroom objects.  First we estimated, then we counted the actual square centimetres.

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Posted by: fp14193 | April 28, 2017

Medieval review

For those who lost their review, I have attached a copy.  Test is Wednesday, May 4.

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Today in math we we had the opportunity to measure items around the room using mm and cm units.


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Posted by: fp14193 | April 12, 2017

Fraction and Decimal Unit Test

What you should be able to do for our unit test on Wednesday, April 19:

-write a fraction as a decimal (e.g., 3/4 = 0.75)

-write a decimal as a fraction (e.g., 0.8 = 8/10)

-order fractions and decimals from least to greatest (e.g., 0.1, 1/2, 0.7, 1 4/5)

-add or subtract decimals (e.g., 3.2 + 4.7 = 7.9)

-draw a picture to show a fraction and tell which benchmark it is closest to- 0, 1/2 or 1

-fractions of a set (e.g.,  1/3 of 12 = 4)

-add or subtract money $4.58 – $3.25 = $1.33)

-using a grid, colour a design using several colours and be able to tell what fraction/decimal  each colour is

Posted by: fp14193 | April 8, 2017

April Newsletter

Well, the madness of March is over. Congratulations to the Tar Heels who won the NCAA Tournament. The basketball caricatures have been on display and were found to be very amusing by everyone.


Students have been working hard during the last month making inferences. They have had much practise during guided and shared reading to predict, connect and infer about the events in the text. Most have been able to make accurate inferences based on relevant connections. Some are still struggling to read between the lines and look for evidence in the text. When reading with your child at home, ask them to infer what they think is going to happen or what they can infer about the character’s traits. Remember that it doesn’t always have to be stated directly…try to read between the lines, using clues given in the text.

We have been reading and writing about humourous accounts and will be wrapping up the unit by the end of the month. Students will have the opportunity to perform some funny accounts through readers theatre.


We will wrap up our Fraction and Decimal unit during the second week of April. The next unit of study will be Geometry. The focus will be on translations and reflections.

Social Studies Ancient Civilizations

Hear ye, hear ye! Since we came back from March Break, our focus has been on the Middle Ages. Students have studied where and when this time period took place, along with learning about the Feudal System and all of the roles of the individuals in the society.

Assignments for this unit will include letters, written in the various roles, along with a power point presentation which will be created at school using the lap top programs. Students will have the opportunity to choose one of the Ancient civilizations for their presentation. This will be an inquiry based project focusing on specific aspects of daily life and the impact of the environment on that civilization. Towards the end of the unit we will be incorporating the science concepts dealing with gears and pulleys. Both were used during the Medieval Times, and students will have the opportunity to create simple machines that used these principles.

We will wrap up the unit with our traditional Medieval feast and tournament during the second week of May.

Posted by: fp14193 | April 8, 2017

Medieval times quiz

your quiz on Monday will focus on:

What was the feudal system pyramid? Levels?

When were the Middle Ages?

Where did peasants live?

What was the manor?

What did they eat?

What was crop rotation?



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