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Grade 4 March Newsletter….From the Palumbo Press

March…a month I always look forward to. First because there is March Break and second, March Madness!

February was a great month. The class did some very cool science experiments in the human body and light and sound, and had a festive Mardi Gras to kick off the season of Lent.


Currently rhe 4’s are writing a news article about a fellow classmate. Each student had the opportunity to interview one another and then use the information gathered to write an article. They will be done on the computer and combined into a class magazine.  The 5’s have been reading many articles about the human body. They will then research a body system and create a model along with a power point presentation. This will be due after the break.

Our main focus for this month will be on making inferences. Our learning goal will be to use what we already know and clues from the text to understand and respond to the text. Presently, the strategy has been modelled and we have done some shared reading. Eventually students will have the opportunity to independently read various materials and use the organizers provided to make inferences about the text. This is a very important comprehension strategy which will help students to express the main idea for a given text.


Our measurement units will wrap up with a unit test before the break. We have already finished telling time. Some are still having difficulty with the concept of elapsed time. This could be something to practise at home with your child. Money, and measuring mass and capacity will also be covered before the test. We will then move on to a new unit in the geometry strand. Our learning goal will be to describe and use translations, reflections and rotations.

Social Studies/Science

Our light and sound unit will come to an end next week. We have been working primarily with sound during the last few weeks. Students have done experiments demonstrating the “big ideas”. For a final evaluation, they will be doing a performance task in class where they will compare and contrast the properties of sound and light. They will also look to comment on the technological advances in the areas of light and sound, that are available to society.

The second social studies unit of the year will be everyone’s favourite, Ancient Civilizations.

The grade 5 science unit, The Human Body, will conclude after the break. Our next unit will be The Properties of Matter.


*Keep working on Xtramath on a regular basis

*Parents, keep asking to sign agendas and ask what has been learned

*Look for our March Madness Caricatures in the next week

*Check out the blog to see what is going on in the class


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Science Tests Next Week

On Thursday March 8, the grade 4 and 5 students will write their unit tests.

Grade 4 Light and Sound

You will be required to compare all properties of light and sound using a Venn diagram. Be sure to compare and contrast all the properties we have learned about.  You will also be asked to explain how the eye and ear are used to help us see and hear.

Grade 5

You will need to be familiar with the following terms:

brain, heart, lungs, skin, liver, stomach, kidneys, small intestine, large intestine, esophagus, trachea, veins, arteries, bones and muscles.

you will also need to know the following for short answer questions:

What is lung capacity and what affects it?

Describe the path of a blood cell through the circulatory system.

The three types of blood cells.

Explain how the immune system works.

Be prepared for in class reviews on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Good luck!


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Party Line

Today in science we learned that sound travels through solids as well as liquids and gases.

Our one phone line reached the office, over 25 metres away!

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What time is it?

Today in math, the grade 5’s experimented to see the relationship between distance and time by rolling a marble down a ramp.

The grade 4’s played the Time Match Game.

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Class pic


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Fat Tuesday means….

Waffle breakfast and Mardi Gras masks!

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Telling Time

Telling Time

We are beginning our math unit on measurement. In order to help with telling time, we have created some benchmarks in class to help with estimating the reasonableness of our answers. Below is a site to help with telling time.


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