Grade 4 Math Test

Math Test

We will have a math test on Tuesday February 6.   In order to be successful you should be able to:

-list the multiples for a given number

-multiply and divide simple number (e.g., 28-:-4, 5 x 9)

-multiply by multiples of 10 (e.g., 60 x 8)

-write related math facts for a set of numbers (e.g., 3, 4, ,12)


-find missing terms (e.g., 7 x ___=280)

-solve word problems involving multiplication and division

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Refraction Action

Today in science the grade 4’s learned about how light bends when it travels from one medium (air) to another (water).  This bending of light is called refraction.


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A Lotta Hot Air!

Today in science the grade 5’s had the opportunity to measure their lung capacity.  They will then calculate the group mean and compare their capacities. We will then research what affects ones lung capacity and how we can improve it.

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Procedural Writing

The grade 4’s created a new Frisbee game after reading about “Ultimate Frisbee.”  They then did a carousel activity to read each other’s and provide feedback for the creators.

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Blog Ckeck

If you checked the blog tonight, lucky you. Read the previous entries which included the February newsletter. Then write me a brief message saying you read the blog and leave it in the in box before 9:10 tomorrow morning.  Don’t tell any other kids who may not have read the blog!

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Periscope Reflection

Below is a proper writt n reflection we worked on in class.  This is the expectation.


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February Newsletter

February newsletter

January was a very enjoyable, productive month. The basketball house league and soup programs have helped offset the dreary weather. The beginning of February means we are that much closer to warmer weather and the March Break!


This month the grade 4’s  will be concluding our Hobbies unit from the Nelson series. Students will interview a classmate and then write a news article about them, focusing on their hobby. We have already had some experience writing a news article so the format should be familiar.

We will also be doing some persuasive writing this month. In health class we have been learning about the harmful effects of smoking and the students interviewed someone who currently smokes or was a smoker. The task will be to write a persuasive letter to someone who smokes, trying to convince them to quit.

The grade 5’s literacy lessons have been focusing on The Human Body, which is also their current unit in science. The reading and writing have both been informative.

The class has been using Razkids on a regular basis during our independent reading time. They are encouraged to use the program at home as well when looking for something to read.


We have been busy multiplying and dividing over the last month. Most students can now readily multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using the standard algorithm method. Division has proven a little more difficult for some.  The Grade 5’s have been working with rounding and comparing decimals, along with the four operations. Our unit test will be next week on Tuesday , February 6 for both the grade 4’s and 5’s.  The next unit of study will be in the measurement strand. The learning goals will deal with the concepts of time, money and mass and capacity.


The grade 4’s are nearly half way through our light and sound unit. They have had the opportunity to create a periscope and investigate the properties of light so far. They have provided some bright ideas in their reflections…pardon the puns! There will be a quiz on light on Thursday , February 8. We will then focus our attention to the properties of sound.

The grade 5’s are studying the human body. We have done experiments learning about the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems thus far.  They too will be writing a quiz on Thursday, February 8.

Be sure to check out the blog for pics of what we have been doing! Also, on February 13, the class will celebrate Mardi Gras with some art activities and traditional home made pancakes…gotta love Fat Tuesday!

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