Cookie Dough Order Reminder!

Just a friendly reminder that all Cookie Dough orders are due tomorrow, Thursday, November 2, 2017.  Please ensure to send in all completed forms, along with payment in your child’s agenda.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will help with the purchase of our new scoreboard, as well as other resources and initiatives throughout the school year!

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Gears, Gears, Gears!

The grade 4 students have begun an exploration of Gears as part of our Pulleys and Gears Unit!  Check out some of the hands on work they have been doing in the classroom building their knowledge of how gears work, and where we can find them in everyday life!


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“A Wishing Spell” Read Aloud

We kicked off a new read aloud in the classroom called “The Land Of Stories:  The Wishing Spell”.  I am encouraging the students to build their curiosity and connection making, by jotting down “I Wonder” questions on sticky notes as I read the story aloud.

We will begin to explore and answer their burning questions as we continue to get further along in the book.  Check out the anchor chart we have going so far with all of your child’s burning questions!



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Bridge construction underway

Don’t panic!  We’re talking about the bridges that our grade 5 students are in the process of constructing.  The grade 5’s have been busy researching all about bridges (their construction, history, etc.) and now they are building their very own as a wrap up to our Bridge Structures Unit!  Check out the work thus far, and stay tuned for their finished pieces that they students will be presenting later this week.


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A visit from the expert!

Today, we enjoyed a quick visit from Brady Thrasher, local realtor and entrepreneur!  Mr. Thrasher came in to share his expertise on how to create an effective advertisement when selling a home.  The visit was used to help build the students awareness and confidence in creating their “Haunted House For Sale Ads” that we began on Tuesday.

The students were full of questions, such as “how long does it take you on average to create an advertisement?”, “how many advertisements have you created in your career?” and “do you have a favourite advertisement that you’ve created?”.  Ask your child to share with you some of the features of creating an effective “for sale” advertisement that Mr. Thrasher offered.  The key features include pictures, price, location, and the use of descriptive words/persuasive writing 🙂

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Pulley Presentations

Good evening parents,

Today, the grade 4 students wrapped up their exploration of Pulleys in Science with oral presentations and live demonstrations of their pulley systems.

We saw everything from flagpoles, to seadoo lifts, exercise machines to water wells!

The grade 5 students are continuing to work hard on their bridge writing assignments and will soon construct their bridge designs in Science… stay tuned!


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Greetings from Mrs. Gyori

Good afternoon parents and guardians of 4/5P,

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and update you on what’s happening in 4/5P in the weeks ahead!  My name is Mrs. Gyori, and I will be filling in for Mr. Palumbo (talk about big shoes to fill) in the coming weeks.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with your children, and to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for them in the time I am with them.  I am familiar with most (if not all) of the students, as I have had the opportunity to work at Malden many times in the past few years since beginning my teaching career.  I am also a wife, and mom to two pretty awesome boys, who are both Malden Marauders as well!

Our focus in the coming weeks will be:

  • Math – Patterning (Grade 4/5)
  • Literacy – Wrap Up our Courage (Grade 4) and Respect (Grade 5) Units *Stay tuned for unit wrap up activities)
  • Science – Wrap Up Pulleys/Gears Unit (Grade 4) and Structures Unit (Grade 5)
  • Physical Education – Volleyball skill building (Grade 4/5)
  • Health – Healthy Eating (focus on Canada’s Food Guide, macro and micronutrients and making healthy food choices) (Grade 4/5)

I welcome you to contact me at anytime with any questions, or concerns regarding your child’s learning.  You may do so by calling the school directly at (519) 736-4529 or communicating through your child’s agenda.


Mrs. Gyori

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