May Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter For May…From The Palumbo Press

We are now getting to the home stretch!  During the past month, the class has been learning a great deal about life during the Middle Ages.  Much of our reading has focused on this topic.  We are also completing our literacy unit on Humour.  Their reader’s theatre presentations are going well.  The students have realized the importance of voice skills.This month will also prove to be very busy.  We will be having our school wide track and field day, our Medieval celebration, and class trips to Fighting Island and to the Water Festival!


Once our Humour unit is complete, we will move onto a unit on Animals and their habitats.  The reading selections are non-fiction and informative.  Students will have the opportunity to summarize articles and organize the information into categories for an “Animal Trading Card.”  This will fit nicely into our final science unit.


With our unit on transformations nearly complete, we will be moving into our final patterning unit.  We will focus on multiplication and division facts and being able to find the terms in division and multiplication equations.

Social Studies/Science

Our Ancient Civilizations unit will wrap up the third week of May with our Medieval Celebration.  The day will begin with a series of physical events in the morning followed by a feast at lunch.  In the afternoon, students will perform their medieval dances and ‘launch some cows’ using their trebuchet designs.  Their power point presentations will also be on display.  Parents are invited to join us on this day for a little fun, competition and celebration.  Information concerning all details will follow shortly.

Our final unit on Habitats will follow the Medieval Celebration.

Dates to Note

Wednesday, May 4-School Talent Show

Thursday, May 5-Medieval Times Unit Test

Wednesday, May 11-Academic Challenge

Friday, May 13-Malden Track and Field Day

Thursday, May 19-Medieval Celebration

Thursday, May 26-Regional Track Meet

Friday, May 27-Fighting Island Field Trip

Thursday, June 2- Water Festival Field Trip

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2 Responses to May Newsletter

  1. 🍭Jenna Jones says:

    Medieval celebration on my birthday?!?!??!?😳🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🤗🤗😀😂

  2. Jenna Jones says:

    My BIRTHDAY IS ON MEDIEVAL DAY?!?!?😊😊😊😊😂😀😳😀🙃🙂

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