Provincial Projects

The students have been working on their provincial trading card during the week. They were given six-50 minute periods to research their province and organize the information into a web to help create their trading card. Several students were unable to finish the card during class and will have to complete the assignment at home for Thursday, December 3.

We will also use this research to present a 30-60 second commercial promoting their province. The commercials will be presented on Tuesday, December 8. Below is the assignment criteria and organizer.


Provincial Advertisement

You have been hired by the tourism department for your province. Your task will be for you to organize and present a radio broadcast that will promote tourism in your province. The length of your commercial will be between 30-60 seconds. It can be taped or presented live. First decide on a target audience and then focus on them.

Success Criteria

___My commercial is between 30-60 seconds

___The content of my commercial is informative, including several significant sites/attractions in my province

___I have included the specific location of the sites

___I have used good, descriptive adjectives to describe the sites

___My voice is loud, clear and fluent

___My voice is convincing (persuades you to want to come to my province)


-state province and try to’ hook’ the target audience with some interesting fact, question, etc.

First site/attraction
-where is it

-how can you get there?

-what is special about it?

-why is it a must see/do?

-where is it

-how can you get there?

-what is special about it?

-why is it a must see/do?


-restate your province and make sure the audience knows that they have to come there!


You are trying to get people to move to your province permanently.  In your broadcast, you will needs o include characteristics of your province that will persuade them to become residents.  You can include jobs, climate, cost of living, housing, entertainment, etc.



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