What’s up in November

Literacy and Social Studies

We completed our Courage Unit and had the opportunity to share our recounts and reflections. Great job! We are now into our second unit. “Amazing Places”. This unit will fit in nicely with our social studies unit, Canada and the Provinces. Students will have the opportunity to read about amazing places in our great country. They will then use organizers to record the information into a form which can be put into their own words. Some of the writing assignments will include a provincial trading card, radio broadcast, and inquiry based project about the regions of Canada.

Our second novel study has begun now that we have concluded the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. Most have submitted their bitstrip about their favourite scene in the book/movie. Still waiting for some! Our current novel is the ever popular, Mice at Centre Ice. Besides comprehension questions (focusing on APE format), students will have to write a eulogy and a news story.


We have nearly finished our second unit, geometry. Students will construct skeletons and nets, before writing the unit test in the next couple of weeks.  We continue to work on different problem solving strategies and using the FACTS, FIGURES, AND FINDINGS model to solve problems. Up next is a unit on Patterning. Students will have to recognize, create and extend different types of number patterns. Our specific problem solving strategy in this unit will be to use a table.

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