Xtramath Starts

Your child was given a flyer about the Xtramath program that we will be using to help improve numeracy skills in math.  Students will use the ipads at school and will also be able to access the program at home.  On Friday, we had the opportunity to begin the program using our school ipads.  Most students were able to finish a complete session.

Hopefully you were able to access the program from home over the past weekend.  If you experienced difficulties, please let me know.  My classes have been using Xtramath for the last three years and I have found that the speed and accuracy of their numeracy computations showed a definite improvement.  Your child will have the opportunity to use the school’s technology for Xtramath, but they are encouraged to practice at home as well, especially if they are unable to do it at school.

I will receive weekly updates on each child’s progress and will be notified when a student completes a level.  I will then present the student with their certificate.  Best of luck!

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