Monthly Newsletter For December

Tis the season! Hard to believe we are into December. Students were very busy the past month with many different activities ranging from drama tableaus for Remembrance Day to patterning creations to healthy eating. Hopefully you’ve had time to check out these activities on our class blog.

This is the month of giving and our class has shown the spirit by bringing in many cans and games for the needy-great job grade 4!


Our novel, Mice at Centre Ice, will wrap up shortly. Students have had the opportunity to write many summaries and practise a variety of activities to prepare them for literature circles later this year. Students have written a friendly letter, eulogy and player creed. We are now working on writing a news article and will create a plot graph organizer for the novel. We have also been using the Nelson Literacy Texts Amazing Places unit to practice summarizing information by using webs. This will be a helpful skill for the provincial trading cards they are now working on, and upcoming inquiries in social studies.

Our focus for writing this month will be the descriptive paragraph and we will use the writing traits of voice and sentence fluency. The festive season should provide some interesting topics for our writing.


We will complete our patterning unit with a test which will be during the last week of the month. We will then move onto a unit in data management which will focus on data collection and graphing.

Over the last few weeks we have been using the ‘facts, figures and findings’ template to help solve various word problems. Students are becoming better at using appropriate math talk to show and share their understanding of the concepts. Keep using the many problem solving strategies available to you.

Most students have been using the computer based EXTRA MATH site to develop their numeracy skills. The school I Pads are also set up for them to work on site whenever they have time during the day. Student progress is automatically sent to me on a weekly basis. We have also been playing a variety of numeracy games to help improve the speed and accuracy of our computation skills. Based on our Mad Minute and Three-Minute Madness quizzes, the activities seem to be working.

Social Studies/Science

Our Canada unit is coming to a close. We now know the provinces, their capitals and most significant bodies of water. Research for the trading cards is nearly complete. Hopefully you can appreciate how beautiful a country you live in! Our next activities include a pictorial map and radio commercial promoting province. The unit test will be during the third week of December and will be based on all the information taught. A review will be on the blog to help prepare for the test.

We will then move onto our second science unit, Light and Sound.


Our healthy eating unit will wrap up this month. We have looked at essential nutrients and compared food labels from each of the four food groups. Students have a better understanding of how different foods provide the essentials. They will have an opportunity to put this into practice during the second week of December which will be “Healthy Eating Week”. They are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch each day, focusing on fresher foods (minimal packaging) and healthier choices for their snacks. The week will conclude with a healthy pasta and salad lunch which we will prepare together with the Early Years Students in our school.

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