Courage Recount

The courage recount organizer is due on Monday, October 22.  Next week, we will use class time to work on the success criteria, specifically the introduction, organization of ideas and use of word choice.  Below is the success criteria given to the students:



Success Criteria: Recount Writing on a Courageous Individual


Your task is to choose an event or an individual who demonstrated courage, and retell the story.


I will include an engaging introduction to capture the reader’s attention

I will provide information about who, what, when, where, why, and how the event happened. 

 I will use action words in the past tense

I will include details that describe how the individual felt and what they thought.

I will use descriptive words to describe the events

I will include sequencing words to help organize my ideas in chronological order (first, then, finally, etc.)

I will use sentences that flow together.

I will check over my writing for capital letters, periods, commas and spelling.

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