Pulley Performance Task

The class will be working on a pulley performance task during the next week in class.  The final product and presentation will be on Wednesday, October 9th.  Below is the handout given to the students.


Pulley Performance Task

Your task will be to design and construct a compound pulley system that will perform some everyday job or form of work.   Materials for your construction will be supplied, but you will be allowed to bring in any materials you would like from home.  All construction, however, must be done at school.

Materials supplied at school:


Glue gun

Popsicle sticks

Wooden dowels




Cutting tools

Hole making tools



Design Success Criteria

___ My design is drawn neatly using a ruler and compass (or circular object)

___I have clearly labelled the diagram, using all key science terms

___The title for my design is underlined using a ruler

___I have checked over my spelling, and use of punctuation

Construction Success Criteria

___My model looks like my design

___My model has at least two pulleys that provide some advantage

___The structure for my pulley system is stable

___My pulley system works smoothly and is able to lift the 100 g load

Explanation Success Criteria

___I have clearly explained how my pulley system works

___I have used all of the key science terms in my explanation (advantages, disadvantages, changes to model etc.)

Your explanation can be done in one of four ways:

A bitstrip cartoon


An imovie using the   ipads


A poster


An written   explanation in paragraph form




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