February Newsletter

This is the newsletter found on the school website for those who haven’t seen it yet.


February Newsletter…from the Palumbo Press


January was a very enjoyable, productive month, despite the bitter cold.  The basketball house league and soup program have helped offset the dreary weather.  The beginning of February means we are that much closer to warmer weather and the March Break!



This month we will be concluding our Hobbies unit from the Nelson series.  Students will interview a  classmate and then write  a news article about them, focusing on their hobby.  We have already had some experience writing a news article so the format should be familiar.

We will also be doing some persuasive writing this month.  In health class we have been learning about the harmful effects of smoking and the students interviewed someone who currently smokes or was a smoker.  The task will be to write a persuasive letter  to someone who smokes, trying to convince them to quit.

The class really enjoyed the novel, “Frindle”, which we did as a read aloud.  Our focus was on character traits and summarizing the passages.  Next,we are reading “Tuck Everlasting”, a fictional story about the fountain of youth.  Our last round of guided reading was successful as we worked on using  Venn diagrams to synthesize information.  While each group was at the back, the rest of the class did independent reading followed by journal responses.



We have been busy multiplying and dividing over the last month.  Most students can now readily multiply a two digit number by a one digit number using the short cut method.  Division has proven a little more difficult for some.  I  have adjusted the Xtramath program to focus only on those two operations.  The improvements in our “mad minute” scores is proof that the program is working.  I receive a weekly electronic update and it is nice to see so many students using the program on a daily basis.  Our next unit of study will be in the measurement strand.  The learning goals will deal with the concepts of time, money and mass and capacity.



We are nearly half way through our light and sound unit.  They have had the opportunity to create a periscope and investigate the properties of light so far.  They have provided some bright ideas in their reflections…pardon the puns!  There will be a quiz on light on Friday, February 1.  We will then focus our attention to the properties of sound.


Be sure to check out the blog for pics of what we have been doing!  Also, on February 12, the class will celebrate Mardi Gras with some art activities and traditional home made pancakes…gotta love Fat Tuesday!


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