January Newsletter

January Newsletter…From the Palumbo Press

Welcome back to a new year! I hope everyone had a relaxing, enjoyable break with family and friends. Hard to believe that we are now into our fifth month. Our class was very busy in the month of December. We wrapped up a two week math unit in data management, which allowed students to interpret and create bar and pictographs. In literacy, we completed Mice at Centre Ice by performing monologues and writing news stories. Our Canada unit also came to a conclusion with the summative test and radio commercials. These oral presentations were very well done and helped everyone become more comfortable presenting in front of their classmates. Great job by all!

We will begin a new unit in our Nelson readers entitled, Hobbies. Our learning goals will be to read and view news articles about interesting activities and hobbies. We will combine and compare information from different sources. Students will also ask questions and listen attentively to gather new information. This process will help them to write and present newspaper articles about one another’s hobbies.
As mentioned before the break, we will begin working on speeches in class. They will not be presented until February and specific success criteria will be developed together in the upcoming weeks. Since it is their first time doing speeches, we will do a lot of modelling in class and we will be watching videos of previous speech winners to gain a better understanding of effective presentation skills.

It was nice to see that during the break, many students continued to practise their numeracy skills on the Xtra Math computer program. I would like to congratulate Lexi, Liam and Makayla. They were the first three students to complete the addition phase.
Our first unit back will be multiplication and division. We will begin with skip counting and multiplying by numbers to 9. If you are unable to access Xtra Math at home, students can use the laptops at school to make sure they are practising daily.

Our second unit in science will be Light and Sound. We will begin with the big ideas, that light is a form of energy, and that light is required to see. There will be many hands on investigations dealing with the properties of light (e.g. reflection, refraction) during this unit. Any opportunities you come across to discuss light around the dinner table, possibly candle light, would help reinforce the concepts taught at school. One in-class performance task will require students to construct a periscope. This should be an eye opening experience (pardon the pun).

-With the winter weather now upon us, we are asking students to have a pair of indoor shoes used exclusively for the classroom and gym. Boots and/or outdoor shoes will be left out in the hall once students come inside from recess.
-Parents, please encourage your child to read 10-15 minutes each night. Students are expected to have a story book/novel available at all times as they will need them during independent reading. During this daily independent reading time, guided reading will be going on at the back of the class.
-Current events will continue in the new year. Each student has had the opportunity to present at least two current events thus far. It has been a great way to start our mornings, and I will let the class know at least a week in advance before they are expected to present.

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