Canada and Provinces Unit Test

Canada Unit Test Review
Test Date is Thursday, December 13

-provinces, territories and capitals
-know names and approximate location of Great Lakes and major bodies of water (e.g. Hudson Bay, St. Lawrence River, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean)
-use the compass rose to give directions (e.g. Alberta is west of Saskatchewan)
-identify the physical landform regions of |Canada (e.g. Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canadian Shield) on a map and give some description of each region
-state and describe the three landform regions of Ontario and one other province
-what are natural resources?
-what are the natural resources of Ontario and at least one other province
-what are the natural resources used in our daily life? (e.g. our meals, household products such as furniture etc.)
-identify and describe a cause and effect relationship between the environment and the economy (e.g. Grand Banks overfishing)

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