Toronto Trip Poem

Grade 8 Trip 2011
A bright sunny day
The trip had begun
Only 25 students?
We were still missing one.

Trevor was late
A cardinal sin
That was ok, it was
Just like Mrs. Wynn.

Our first breakfast stop
Ended with a curse
Exclaimed Mrs. Wright,
“I forgot my darn purse.”

At Sir Adam Beck
Our tour guide was Scott
His chauvinistic style
Matched his physique a lot

The boys bared their chests
On the Maid of the Mist
Frizzy hairdos were made
The mothers were upset.

Many museums
Haunted houses galore
Some were apprehensive
Michael chose hardcore.

The horror of Nightmares
Well, Dylan just froze
Ezra found the wall
Smashing off of his nose.

A watchful chaperone
As Ryan Wismer learned
“Your mother will kill you!”
… the t-shirt was returned.

Risky t-shirts and signs
All over the place
We saw a Friendly Fisherman
With a smile on his face.

Food was a plenty
On the Skylon Tower
For more than an hour.

A quick head count
Proved Ezra was missing
Did you check the washroom?
He probably is Missing.

Finally at the hotel
The excitement level grew
A fateful premonition
That no one quite knew.

Rooms met expectations
Both tidy and neat
Declared Mrs. Rosati,
I`m in the Princess Suite.

Taylor read the bible
A sermon for her peers
“Repel all evil girls
And lend me your ears.”

Ministicks in 420
The room below awoke
“No more games, cried Mrs. Giles
Or your necks I will break!”

While Becca lay helpless
Upon the bathroom floor
Sam was extricating
Her finger from the door.

My room was stuffy
The a/c wasn`t working
An ironic connection
Soon lay lurking

A sudden wakeup call
But not from Jim`s snore
A shrieking fire alarm
Woke us all up at 4

Out in the halls
Arose such a clatter
Jim jumped to his feet
To see what was the matter

The boys slept uninterrupted
In their cozy beds
Girls on the other hand
Hit the parking lot instead

Sam near hysteria
In her escape
“I couldn`t get out
Because of the tape.”

Robert, Caleb, John, Ryan
Were still counting sheep
From Trev, Grant, Ez and Dyl
Came nary a peep

None could be revived
They were all in a coma
422 finally awoke
Despite the rooms aroma.

Boys fled the room
In covered tighty whities
Phil in bare feet
Some in their nighties

Back to bed at 5:00
The fire caused no harm
That`s why we practise fire drills
In case of such alarms

At the breakfast buffet
Matt Bondy was shak`n
He ate two loaves of toast
And three pounds of bacon

Still a little groggy
Not a wide awake site
“Get up, the cows need milk`n,”
Said I to Mrs. Wright

At Casa Loma
Day 2 began
“Impressive,” said Andrew
“All built by one man”

Catch us, catch us
If you`re able
Students could be heard
“To the horses stable!”

Onto Queen`s Park
Then a subway ride
To Hockey Hall of Fame
In our game we take pride.

There on the floor
Was found a room key
To whom did it belong?
None other than Mr. P.

“No more shopping or walking,”
Cried Ezra and Dylan
“Just let us sit down
We`re ready for chill`n.”

We all met Batman
Who amused us with tricks
The method to his madness
Was picking up chicks (and Robert).

Armed with my bag from
Abercrombie and Fitch
Just go with the flow
And try not to complain.

At Medieval Times
We cheered the blue knight
His aim wasn`t the greatest
Nor could he fight.

Abundant eye candy
For Miss Taylor Wright
“This place is the greatest,
I love men in tights!”

A fierce battle cry
Not concerned with fashion
In Caleb and Robert
Arose such a passion.

“I’ll rip off your faces,”
Said Dylan to the fellow
“Not very manly
A knight dressed in yellow?”

Roses were caught
All recipients delighted
Britt, Hannah, and Sam
And Becca got knighted.

Caleb caught a rose
Not likely by chance
A gift from our knight
A budding romance?

They made a connection
Came as no surprise
It was love at first sight
By the look in Caleb’s eyes.

We ate without utensils
And savoured each bite
Till our knight’s demise
It just wasn’t right.

We now found our attention
To the knight in green
John roared “I can take him
He don’t look so mean.”

Most slept quite soundly
Except room 428
“What happened Ryan?
Was it something you ate?”

While waiting for the elevator
While on the fourth floor
We see Sara and six Chinese say
Please close the door.

The Science Centre
Was our final stop
First to CSI
To play the role of cop.

Sam was confused
By the look on her face
The crime scene suspect
Gone without a trace

Tornado Alley
With thirteen thousand watts
About as much power
As electronics Grant brought!
The trip is now over
We hope that you learned
No students got lost,
All students returned.

So thanks Phil, the driver
And thank you grade 8`s
Thank you chaperones
The memories were great.

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