June Newsletter

We are finally in the homestretch! It has been a fun, rewarding year for all.

In literacy, we have wrapped up our critical pathway (Point of View) by presenting our formal essays. They were very informative and well organized including topics on body checking in hockey, testing on animals, and genetic engineering. Students were forced to analyze various articles for the point of view and then include footnotes in their essay.
For this month, the grade 8’s will be working on a series of media slides for their graduation. They will also be completing an autobiography to be displayed that evening. A final assignment will be their graduation pennant which will be designed and constructed using felt and other materials of their choice. These will also be on display.
The grade 7’s will be working on a multi media presentation on bullying. They will be required to do research the history of efforts which have been done and the state of bullying in our school system. They will then report on their findings and make suggestions to the system.

In math, both grades will be working on data management and probability this month. During that time, they will be divided into regions to compete in our annual mathball tournament. Last year’s winner was Emily Bryan. Will the trophy stay in the family?

In history, we are now at the turn of the century. We will look at the contributions of key figures (two of whom we will learn about on our Toronto Trip-Sir Henry Pellatt and Sir Adam Beck). We will also examine child labour and women’s rights along with World War I.

Some key dates
Tuesday, June 7-valediction speeches, lyrics for music presentation
Wednesday, June 8-10- Toronto Trip
Monday, June 27-Graduation Night
Tuesday, June 28 -Possible golf trip to Oxley

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