April News

March Madness is finally coming to a close and who would have thought that no number one seeds would advance to the final four? And a #3 vs. #8 final! Gotta love the unlikelihood of the underdog prevailing! Not a strong probability based on our bracket predictions.
Now into April, I would like to first welcome out new student teacher for the next four weeks, Mr. Veenstra. I am sure you will have no difficulty looking up to him…I sure do! The poetry anthologies are coming along great. Some very impressive word choice and creative thinking. Can’t wait for Friday, April 8 when we have our annual Poetry Cafe. The stock market challenge has also sparked much interest…I am thinking of firing my financial analyst and hiring Ezra or Ryan Scott.
In literacy this month, we will wrap up our poetry unit and then Mr. Veenstra wil begin a new unit from the Nelson Literacy series. In writing we will focus on revising for word choice, and fluency and editing for grammar, spelling and punctuation.
In math our integer unit will wrap up by the end of the week. A culminating activity in the form of an Amazing Race will be assigned this week. The grade 7’s will then begin a geometry unit dealing with transformations while the grade 8’s geometry unit will focus on angle properties. Students will have the opportunity to use the geometers sketchpad during this unit.
History slideshows on the Development of the West were very well done. Not only were they personalized and informative, but the use of transitions and special effects were equally as impressive. The shift will now be towards our final geography unit dealing with Immigration. We will learn about the various push and pull factors forcing people to migrate.
In health we have been using the IDEAL problem solving method to deal with substance abuse situations. The grade 8’s have written scripts which they will act out this week. Our final topic in health will then be on abstinence.
Congratulations to student of the month winners for Being Prepared, Dimitri Shinas, Taylor Wright and Ryan Wismer.
Final touches are being made to the Toronto Trip. The total cost will be approximately $330. Thank you for your initial deposits. We would like to conclude all chocolate bar sales in the next two weeks so that payment costs can be finalized. The itinerary is set and will be sent home this month…the excitement is building.

Dates of Interest for April

Wednesday 6- Grade 8 Health Drama Skit
Friday 8- Grade 7/8 Poetry Cafe presentations
Monday 11- Submission of Amazing Race Integer Assignments
-Submission of Poetry Anthologies
Tuesday 19- WECAA Badminton Tourney at Western High School
Thursday 21- Grade 7/8 Geometry Tests
– Malden Fun Fair at night
Friday 22-25- Easter Weekend
Friday 29- Fashion Show at Western High School (in the morning)

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