Database Research Project For Math

On Tuesday morning, I will explain in detail your assignment.

You will choose one of the two projects listed below.

1) baseball player site

On this site, your task is to:
-choose one of your favourite players (not a pitcher)
-choose any year of the player’s career (minimum of 100 plate apperances)
-organize the results of their “plate appearances” into a frequency table
-use the frequency table to create a circle/pie graph to display your findings
*all of the following stats should add up to equal the player’s “PA” (plate appearances) and should be recorded in your frequency table
1B (singles), 2B (doubles), 3B (triples), HR (home runs), BB (walks), SO (stike outs), HBP (hit by pitch), SH (sacrifice bunt), SF (sacrifice fly), O (outs)
*to find the # of singles, you must use this formula: 1B= H-2B-3B-HR
**e.g. H=197, 2B=52, 3B=6, HR=42…, 1B=197-52-6-42
**to find the # of outs you must add up all other stats and subtract from the # of plate appearances


2) billboard hot 100 site

your task is to :
-choose any year before 2011
-identify the 10 songs that spent the most time at #1 on the charts that year
-organize this data into a frequency table (there is an extra section in your table for the “other” songs not in the top 10)
-use your frequency table to create a circle/pie grapth to display your findings

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