December…a month of giving

November was a very busy month. A special thank you to our student teachers Miss Malik and Mrs. Finch. Both were very conscientious and did an amazing job.

The geography community development projects were very well done. Some interesting views on land development! We will be presenting the Literature Circle MI projects this week and they look very impressive. A wide variety of projects ranging from pod casts to power point presentations to models to games!

On to December and tis the season.

In Literacy we will be wrapping up our Technology units this month. Our final writing assignment will be a descriptive piece focusing on a special technological advancement. We will devote much of our time to the write traits of voice and word choice in order to help with the descriptive writing.

In reading, our classroom critical pathway for the last five weeks has been dealing with better understanding the main idea of a piece of writing. The novel review responses (Literature Circles) were very well done and demonstrated an improved understanding of how to express the main idea/theme in a clear, concise manner.

In math the grade 7’s will write their unit test this week on fractions, decimals and percents while the grade 8’s test will be on ratio, rate and percent. Our final unit of study before Christmas Break will be on probability for both grades.

A special thank you to Mr. Phil Bryan who organized our annual tour to Greenfield Ethanol plant to help kick start our Cells unit in science. It was a very enlightening day giving students an opportunity to see the role of yeast cells in creating ethanol. It was impressive to see first hand how a raw material like corn is converted into fuel in a very eco-friendly manner!

In class we will be working with the microscopes to learn about the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells. Students will be able to identify many organelles found inside of cells as well as some key processes like osmosis and diffusion.

In the arts, students completed a unit on the eras of music and had an opportunity to earn coloured belts in Mrs. Finch’s Recorder Challenge. We are currently working on a musical variety show for the last week before the break. Music, dance and comedy…it should be awesome!

Special dates
Literature Circle Projects Tuesday, November30

Math Tests for both grades Wednesday, December 1

Grade 8 Science Quiz Wednesday, December 8

Amherst DPA Presentation for grade 8’s Friday, December 10

Technology Descriptive Paragraph grade 7&8 Friday, December 10

Final Day Festivities Friday, December 17

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