Bridge Building Simulator

Today, the grade 5 students completed a culminating performance task to reinforce their learning of Forces and Structures in Science.  They completed an independent bridge building simulation which they thoroughly enjoyed!  I have attached a link to the website, so that all students could take a peak and enjoy the simulation.

Encourage your child to create a bridge design and see if it can withstand the force of a high magnitude earthquake.

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Progress Reports

This is just a friendly reminder that Progress Reports will be sent home on Monday, November 13th, 2017 with your child.

Parent/Teacher interviews will follow on Thursday, November 16th.  Please contact Mrs. Durham in the office (519-736-4529) to set up a time if you wish to meet to discuss your child’s progress.  I look forward to meeting with you!

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A busy week in 4/5P

Well another week has come and gone! It was a busy and productive week for the students of 4/5P.

We wrapped up our Patterning unit in Math on Thursday with our unit test.   Your child has their test with them for your review and signature!   We kicked off our Geometry unit on Friday with an exploration of shapes in everyday life (3D, what makes them the same vs. different etc.)

In Literacy, the grade 4s began writing a courage recount, while the grade 5s began a biography on respect.  We also kicked off a novel study for both groups.

In Science, we continued our experimentation with Gears and Structures/Forces.   We did a wrap up activity as a whole class on buoyancy! The students will complete their unit test (grade 4) and performance task (grade 5) on these units on Monday.

Next week, we will begin Social Studies for both groups!  The grade 4s will focus on learning all about Canada, while the grade 5s will focus on First Nations and Early Settlers into Canada.

In Health this week, we learned all about Nutrients (*carbs, fats and proteins), their roles and how they break down in our bodies.   Ask your child to explain to you how we conducted our experiment (*we were too busy mixing up food concoctions that I forgot to take pictures 😔)

Finally, we ended the week with a beautiful Remembrance Day ceremony put on by Mr. Balkwill and his grade 8 students.   Troy and Eden proudly represented our class by presenting our Remembrance Day wreath which is on display in the lobby.  We also wrote and shared poems on Remembrance Day in class!


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Bridge Construction Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!  The grade 5 students completed their bridge construction projects this week and presented their structures to the class.

We also experimented with each bridge to see if, and how well they could support a load!


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Science Unit Test & Performance Task

The grade 4 students will consolidate all that they have learned about Pulleys and Gears in our unit test, which is scheduled for Monday, November 13th.  In preparation, here are some key concepts to help the students get ready!

Pulleys Review
A pulley is a wheel with a groove in it, and a rope or chain passes over the pulley.
There are two main types of pulleys; a fixed pulley and a moveable pulley. *Be able to recognize them.
A fixed pulley does not make it easier to lift a load, but it does change the direction of the force.
A moveable pulley makes it easier to lift the load (you only need half the force), but it does not change the direction of the force.
When pulleys are combined we call them a pulley system.
Pulleys are used to:
Change the direction of force
Make it easier to lift something
The thing that is lifted by a pulley is called a load.
The force used to lift the load is called the effort.
Mechanical advantage tells how much easier the system makes it to lift the load.
A flagpole or a crane are examples of things that use pulleys.

Gears Review
Gears are normally round, wheel like discs that are covered in teeth.
Gears rotate on an axle.
When gears are in contact they are said to be “meshed”.
A gear can be used to transfer force and motion, it can be used to change the direction and speed of motion.
There are four types of gears we studied; spur gears, bevel gears, worm gears and a rack and pinion.
*Be able to recognize them.
When three or more gears are combined we call them a gear train.
When gears are meshed the number of times they turn depends on the number of teeth.
When gears are meshed the speed with which they turn depends on the number of teeth.
An eggbeater and a clock are examples of things that use gears.

The grade 5s will be performing an in class task on Monday, November 13th to consolidate their learning of Structures and Forces!

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Picasso’s of 4/5P

Last week we learned about Pablo Picasso and what made his art work so unique and memorable!  We learned that Picasso used a form of art unlike any other called Cubism.  Cubism as we’ve learned isn’t meant to look realistic or life like in anyway.   Instead, this form of art takes fragments or pieces of art to form one piece!

Check out the unique pieces we put together and better yet ask them how we did it!20171106_160337

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Science Review

We’re in the process of wrapping up our Pulleys and Gears (*Gr. 4) and Forces and Structures (*Gr. 5) units.   Today, the students were asked to complete the following questions in preparation for our unit tests next Monday!

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